Filing a personal injury claim after a truck accident

Filing a personal injury claim after a truck accident

Making a claim for injuries after a truck accident in New York can be a complex process. This guide will clarify the steps you need to take, from immediately after the accident up to the point of receiving compensation. We will guide you through the initial actions to take, how to navigate conversations with insurance companies, and the advantages of hiring a lawyer.

Claim filing process

Filing a claim after a truck accident involves gathering important documents. You must also understand the legal rules and submit your claim on time. This is so you can get compensation for your injuries and damages.

Seek immediate medical attention

First, get medical treatment for your injuries. This step is crucial for your health. It's also important to document the injuries from the accident.

Collect and preserve evidence

The next step in filing a claim is to collect all relevant documents. This includes:

  • Police report

Obtain a copy from the local police department. This report provides an official record of the accident.

  • Medical records

Gather all medical documentation related to your injuries. This should include initial emergency care, ongoing treatments, and any rehabilitation.

  • Proof of lost wages

If the accident made you miss work, you need to include documents from your employer. These should show your usual pay and the time you were off work.

  • Accident scene evidence

Photos, videos, and statements from people who saw the accident are important. They give key details about how the accident happened.

Not sure what evidence to gather after your truck accident? Talk to our experts for comprehensive guidance on documenting your case effectively.

Where to file the claim

In New York, the claim must be filed in the court that has jurisdiction over the area where the accident occurred. If you're unsure about the correct court, a personal injury attorney can help you identify the right venue.

Understanding the statute of limitations

In New York, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim is generally three years from the date of the truck accident. This means you have three years to start your legal action. If you miss this deadline, you likely lose your right to seek compensation. However, there are exceptions, like if the injured person is a minor or if the defendant leaves the state for a period. It's important to know these rules to ensure your claim is filed in time.

Calculating your claim

When you're calculating a personal injury claim in New York after a truck accident, you need to consider several types of costs and losses. Let's break these down into clearer parts.

Medical expenses in New York

In New York, your claim should include all medical costs related to the accident. This means the bills you received right after the accident. You might need future treatments or therapies because of your injuries.

Have you been in a truck accident in New York? Contact us now to get a free evaluation of your case and understand your legal options.

Lost wages

If you couldn't work because of the accident, your claim should also include the income you lost. This covers the days, weeks, or even months you were away from work.

Pain and suffering

This part of your claim is for the physical pain and emotional stress caused by the accident. It's harder to put a number on these damages, but they're just as important as your other costs.

Hiring a lawyer

When you're dealing with a truck accident in New York, having a good lawyer can make a big difference. Let's look at why it's smart to hire a legal expert.

Why hire a truck accident lawyer in New York

A personal injury lawyer who knows about truck accidents can help. They understand New York's laws and can handle all the legal stuff, like filing your claim on time.

Dealing with complex cases

If your accident was serious, or if it's hard to figure out who's at fault, a lawyer is useful. They're also great at dealing with big trucking companies and their insurance.

Determining liability in truck accidents

Figuring out who's to blame for a truck accident can be tricky because there might be several reasons and different groups involved. Here's a simpler breakdown:

Who might be at fault

  • Truck drivers

They could be at fault if they were driving dangerously, very tired, or under the influence.

  • Trucking companies

Sometimes the company is responsible, maybe because they didn't train their drivers well, pushed them too hard, or didn't keep the trucks in good shape.

  • Truck manufacturers 

If something was wrong with the truck itself, like a defect, the manufacturer might be to blame.

  • Maintenance companies

The company that was supposed to keep the truck running well might be responsible if they didn't do their job right.

  • Cargo loaders

If the cargo was loaded badly and that caused the accident, the people who loaded it could be at fault.

What causes liability

  • Driver mistakes

Things like speeding, not paying attention, or not following road rules.

  • Truck problems

Like brakes not working or tires bursting.

  • Breaking trucking rules

There are special rules for trucking to keep things safe. Not following these can lead to accidents.

  • Weather and roads

Bad weather or roads can cause accidents, but it's still important to see if the driver or company could have done something to prevent it.

Investigating the accident

  • Recreating the accident

Experts can use evidence to figure out how the accident happened.

  • Checking records

Looking at the driver's logs, truck maintenance records, and company details to find any mistakes.

  • Looking at black box data

Many trucks have devices that record important data, which can help in finding out what went wrong.

Legal points to know

  • Comparative negligence

In New York, more than one person can be at fault, and each one might have to pay a part of the damages based on how much they were to blame.

  • Joint and several liability

In some cases, multiple people or groups might have to pay all the damages, no matter who was more at fault.

Liability in truck accidents can be complex. Consult with our professional attorneys to identify who is at fault and strengthen your claim.

Dealing with insurance

Dealing with insurance companies after a truck accident in New York can be tricky. Here's how to approach it to ensure you get a fair deal.

Initial settlement offers

Be careful with the first settlement offer from insurance companies. These offers are often lower than what you deserve. It's important to know the full extent of your injuries and damages before you agree to anything.

Understanding your damages

Make sure you have a clear understanding of all the costs and impacts from the accident. This includes your medical bills, lost wages, and any pain or suffering you've experienced.

Consulting a lawyer

It's a good idea to talk to a lawyer before you accept any offers from insurance companies. They can help make sure the offer is fair and covers all your needs.

Avoiding common mistakes

When you're dealing with a claim after a truck accident, it's easy to make mistakes. Here are some tips to help you avoid problems:

Keep everything organized

Make sure you keep all your papers like medical bills, accident reports, and insurance letters in one place. Being organized helps a lot.

Watch those deadlines

Don't miss important dates, especially for filing your claim. Missing these can mean you lose your chance to get compensation.

Time is critical in truck accident claims. Reach out to us immediately to ensure your claim is filed within New York's legal timeframe.

Get legal help early

Talk to a lawyer early on. They know a lot about these cases and can tell you how much your claim might be worth.

Be careful with social media

It’s better not to talk about your accident or claim on social media. Insurance companies might see your posts and use them against you.

Avoid common pitfalls in your personal injury claim. Get in touch with our team today for professional legal advice and to safeguard your claim's success.


Filing a claim after a truck accident involves several important steps. You need to be careful, organized, and sometimes get help from a lawyer. By following these steps and getting the right help, you can make sure your claim covers all your losses. It will help you get the compensation you need. This guide is here to help you through the process and make sure you don't miss anything important.

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