Stay updated: Recent changes in medical malpractice law

Stay updated: Recent changes in medical malpractice law

In New York, the rules about medical mistakes in healthcare have recently changed. It's really important for doctors and patients to know about these changes. This article will talk about these new rules and what they mean for everyone.

Recent changes in medical malpractice law in New York:

Excess line coverage for medical malpractice insurance

Recently, New York passed a new law, S2796. This law changes how medical malpractice insurance works. Before, insurance brokers had to get a "no" from the Medical Malpractice Insurance Pool (MMIP) before they could offer their own primary malpractice insurance. Now, this step is not needed anymore. This change means doctors and other healthcare workers have more choices for their malpractice insurance.

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Governor Hochul's proposal on wrongful death damages

Governor Kathy Hochul wants to change a law about wrongful death cases. She suggests not including medical malpractice cases in a new bill. This bill would let families get more money for their loss, not just for money lost but also for emotional pain. The governor's idea is to help families but also be careful about the costs for the healthcare system.

Extension of time to file lawsuits

In New York State, patients now have 30 months to start a lawsuit for medical malpractice. This means if someone thinks a healthcare provider made a mistake, they have more time to file a legal claim.

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Reasons for the changes

The recent changes in New York's medical malpractice laws have a few key goals. First, they aim to give healthcare professionals a wider range of insurance options and better coverage. Second, these changes seek to make the wrongful death statute fairer, while also considering how they might affect the economy. Finally, they extend the time patients have to file medical malpractice claims, ensuring they have enough time to pursue legal action if needed.

Implications for healthcare professionals

Doctors and other healthcare workers in New York should know about the new laws. These laws change how they defend against malpractice claims. Now, they need to keep patient records for a longer time because patients can sue up to 30 months later. Also, there are more insurance options for them to choose from.

Implications for patients

In New York, people now have more time to sue for medical mistakes. This is important because sometimes it takes a while to realize how much harm was done. Knowing about these new rules helps patients better understand their rights and how to handle legal matters.

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New York has updated its medical malpractice laws. These updates try to look after the needs of both doctors and patients, as well as the costs involved. It's important for healthcare workers and patients to know about these changes. This helps them understand and work with the law better. Keeping up with the latest information is key in this area that keeps changing.

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